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Internat Energy Solution is an independent engineering consulting company based in France, Canada and China. We are specialised in energy  optimisation and management, energy efficiencyrenewables energy and the carbon audits. For all these diverse sectors of activity, we aim to provide the highest quality of services possible.  We are committed to the protection of the environment, through a sustainable urban planning approach, an innovative and low energy conception of buildings, and through the extensive use of renewable energies.

Initially established in Pau, (Pyrénées Atlantique), in the Aquitaine Region, we are still very active in the region in order to satisfy public and private actor’s needs.

Based in Bordeaux within the business incubator Darwin Ecosystème, we work throughout the Aquitaine Region (Gironde, Basque country, Pyrénées Atlantiques, Landes…), across France and abroad.

We are also based in Lyon (Rhône) in order to meet the Rhône-Alpes Region’s requirements regarding its energy and environment challenges.


The improvement of energy efficiency allows to build a priority action plan focusing on the optimisatised and cost effective energy consumption. The building sector represents an incredible source of energy savings and of reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, two main objectives of the French sustainable building plan and energy transition law. To combine energy efficiency with user comfort, along with a low environmental impact, is one of the biggest challenges of the 21st century Knowing also that around 75% of the buildings of 2050 already exist, it is essential to make the energy renovation of existing buildings and the energy efficiency our national priority!

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Greenhouse gas profiling (GHG emissions) allows us to highlight the dependency on fossil fuels, and furthermore understand the direct and indirect economic vulnerability of an entity. To meet global environmental challenges arising from climate change, it is now urgent to reduce our greenhouse gas emission on all society levels. From each citizen to government, including private businesses, every single action is important. Combined all together, they will allow us to limit global warming under 2°C at the end of the century, as IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) constantly and clearly remind it to us.

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Environmental concerns related to climate change and various commitments from France help to establish real steps towards energy economy. The challenge is to combine this goal with efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Renewable energies are less and less expensive and more and more efficient and cost-effective. They allow to decentralise the energy production and to give back control to citizens. Actually, new financial approaches emerge day after day, especially via crowdfunding and private individual funding, for redistributing energy production and empowering consumers. Although it is important to reduce and optimize our energy consumptions before thinking of producing more (through energy audits), renewable energies have definitely a future in the energy landscape of tomorrow’s world. 

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