Social Housing

Your challenges, your expectations

Multiresidential property owners

You are social housing manager and would like to offer buildings with reduced rent combining comfort and controlled energy utility costs in order to provide the most economical solutions to your tenants : Internat Energy Solutions is your partner for energy project managements, as well as the design and monitoring of your solar thermal and photovoltaic projects.

According to the report of October 2014 of the National Monitoring Centre of Energy Precarity, 1 in 5 people in France are affected by energy precarity. This implies the necessity for design of efficient buildings but also the renovation of existing property portfolio. Furthermore, the integration of renewable energy is a clear necessity when it comes to reducing the life cycle costs of buildings.

In order to stay profitable, you need to implement the most efficient technical solutions with maximised cost efficiency. Finally, the awareness and capacity building is a necessity in order to maximize energy saving measures.

  • Reducing energy consumption and expenses 
  • Improvement of occupants comfort
  • Reducing energy precarity
  • Compliance with local regulations
  • Energy efficiency promotion
  • Awareness and commitment of occupants
  • Enhance the value of properties
  • Maximizing investment costs

Our solutions, our services

Energy Audit

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Regulatory Calculation

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Energy Project Management

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Conception of Installations

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Technical Due Diligence

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Monitoring of Installations

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