Executive Assistant

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Chrystelle Declercq

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Recently graduated with a BTS in Business Management and accountancy at the school Altéa in Bordeaux, Chrystelle wished to obtain a European diploma in management assistant studies.

After working for several companies in New-Caledonia and in Bordeaux, Chrystelle wanted to highlight her qualities of assistant to take care of services like the administrative, organizational and the accountancy in a field related to the values of the environment and sustainable development. She joined the team at IES in 2015 and she is helping us improve our management system.


Key Competences

  • Administrative and accounting
  • Billing and tracking customer relationship
  • Follow-up with IES’ clients
  • IT tools
  • Editorial standards
  • Management
  • Reception arrangements
  • Design of monitoring tools
  • Team spirit

Education and Qualification

  • Executive assistant
  • Business Management and Accountancy (2014)

Referenecs and Projects

  • Ensure the quality of the secretariat
  • Provide reporting management in time
  • High quality welcome for all clients and partners
  • Analyze results and sugest improvements
  • Control the proper implementation of procedures and their update