Manager and founder of Internat Energy Solutions engineering office

Nicolas Nath

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Trained as an engineer, Nicolas Nath is specialised in energy management, 10 years of experience in design, production, quality control and project management. Team leader and Business manager, he is passionate about sustainable development in all its aspects. He has lived and worked in France, Canada, India and China, and he speaks fluently several languages. Through his international contact network, he stays constantly in touch with the latest technologies. Since the beginning of 2006, he has been developing Internat Energy Solutions ‘activities to advise his clients and refer them to the most relevant solutions in economic and environmental terms.

Keys Competences

  • Team and project management
  • Energy management and Renewable energy Specialisation
  • Bilan Carbone® Trainor
  • Solar thermal
  • Solar phtovoltaics

Education and Qualifications

  • Mechanical / Thermal Engineering Queen’s University, Canada (2000)
  • Six Sigma Project Management – General Electric Lighting Toronto, Canada
  • Bilan Carbone®, module “Real estate assets and Services”, method specialisation to “territories”- ADEME
  • Off-grid PV generator design and implementation  – ADEME
  • Dimensioning of solar grid-connected systems – INES (National Institute of Solar Energy)
  • Dimensioning solar thermal systems (INES)

References and Projects

Project Management

  • Solar thermal monitoring Béarnaise Habitat
  • Solar thermal monitoring Gironde Habitat
  • Solar thermal engineering study for industrial process – Lindt & Sprungli Oloron
  • Société d’Electrification des Pyrénées Atlantiques (SDEPA). Off-grid PV projects.
  • Mairie d’Uzein (64) – Photovoltaïc grid-connected system
  • Evaluation and simulation of photovoltaic systems for Malta airport


  • Bilan Carbone® training and support for 10 pilot projects in Asian cities – Asian Institute of Technology / Ademe International
  • Bilan Carbone of Harbourfront Centre Toronto, Canada
  • Bilan Carbone French Ministry of Education
  • Bilan Carbone French Embassy Washington (USA)
  • Bilan Carbone® Training, city of Bordeaux – decentralized cooperation with Wuhan (China)
  • Training and Project Management Bilan Carbone® Schneider Electric Tianjin (Chine).

Research Engineer
General Electric Canada

  • Project manager Six Sigma and Quality system manufacturing plant Oakville, Ontario
  • Study and quality and production system optimisation
  • Developing databases for preventive maintenance