Renewable Energies Solutions

Audit and Monitoring of Photovoltaic and Solar Thermal Installations


An audit of renewable energy installations includes  three objectives. It allows to certify the functionality of the installation, to provide areas of improvement, and to determine the instrumentation to implement in order to ensure an energy performance monitoring project.
Then, this monitoring will make these installations functional, to optimise their performance, to support maintenance-operating companies, as well as developing the understanding of the needs of the site.

Monitoring performance of solar thermal installations

We implement an adapted instrumentation helping monitoring in real time your site’s production line. We keep records of data in our monitoring tool and we analyse them with implemented ratios.

In case of detected malfunction, alerts are sent to your operator, allowing a prompt intervention, that limits the production lost and wastes that can occur. Every month a theoretical simulation of production is done with the actual operating data. This simulation is compares with actual production readings and allows to discuss the health status of your installation.

Finally, a monitoring report is published every year which includes all the implemented actions over the year, elements on energy and financial savings realised during the year. This document will allow you to discuss with your collaborators or users on the utility of your installation.

Monitoring performance of photovoltaic solar installation

We offer to project managers, who already have several solar installations, to do an initial audit of the site, in order to detect the first malfunctions and to find solutions. We define an implement the minimal required instrumentation allowing to make remote readings. Finally, we realise a remote monitoring of the installations in order to analyse theirs performances, to find solutions towards malfunctions and to optimise operating parameters to improve their productivity.


Technical Due Diligence 


Technical Due diligence  includes an independent technical evaluation and consulting services before the implementation of solar installation projects, or after an operating dispute. The detailed measure and analysis of the whole data offer the maximum transparency and form a strong basis for your investment.

The technical due diligence concept, offers personalised services regarding evaluation and advice for your project. The basis of a due diligence technique concept are made from measurements and the analysis of all the data for the installation and also from values of yield calculated with meteorological data and high precision radiation. Our independent experts measure and evaluate also the deciding factors for the planning, construction and operating phase. The concept of quality assurance and technical documentation are checked in terms of content and entirety. We analyse all contractual data, we develop proposals for improvements and we support you in giving you advices during your contractual negotiations.

Production of Photovoltaic and Thermal Solar Installations

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